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Meet the Author

profile1 bw1Darius Stephens resides in Columbus Ohio. He has won numerous literary awards, featured nationally in the news, and is also a sought out motivational speaker

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Latest Work

"In his latest work, just another 'n', Darius takes on strong social issues, dealing with difficult subject matters such as racial slurs and identity problems. Bold and unafraid, Darius tells a story about David Williams, a black man who doesn't like black people. Money,arrogance,prestige,and greed are the lubricants that move the wheels of this litigator"s  decision making process.
A superstar lawyer that is convicted of murder by a corrupt prosecutor, David struggles  to affiliate with his culture and the real meaning of such words as nigga and nigger, he finds himself torn between two worlds, black and white, good and evil.
"Darius Stephens' Just Another 'N' was a great read! There is little question that it will be made into a motion picture."
"Darius Stephens brings great insight to the racial problems in America."
"Author Darius Stephens has written a grand-slam book."
-Academy Award Winning Filmmaker Roger Corman - Oscar Winning Composer Bill Conti     - Hall of Fame Baseball Legend Joe Morgan